No. 2 Rhonda | Age: 61

before and after shots for Rhonda

Let me introduce Rhonda, the second woman of my 50 over 50 project – portraits of 50 women over the age of 50.

Rhonda is a Remedial Massage Therapist, Health Coach and Artistry Skincare and colour Consultant at Tamborine Massage and a wife to a wonderful husband, Tony for 37 years.

She turns to 61 in this November. Rhonda said; I am naturally an introvert. Throughout my life I have struggled with self confidence, self image and to some degree self worth. Whilst I have had many amazing achievements throughout my life, none have been easy and none have come without personal costs to me. Somewhere deep within me is a strong confident woman who has been held back for many years and who is desperate to break free. When I read what Rhonda wrote, I wished that she could see herself who she really is from what I capture. I see a beautiful, kind, confident and strong woman in these photos and I am sure that everyone agrees.


Hair and makeup by Rita’s Makeup Artistry Photography & video Sumico Photography

Thank you to Jo Devin and Rita for throwing materials for me.


Q&A after the photo session

Q. what was your favourite part of the photo session

A. This is a very difficult question to answer, as the whole photo session was amazing.  The idea of feeling special with having my hair and makeup done so beautifully and professionally, certainly boosted my self esteem, having such elegant outfits and gowns to wear certainly lifted by self image and mood, however if I had to choose one thing, it was the actual photo shoot.  Sumi put me a complete ease and so effortly brought out a self confidence in me that I did not know existed.


Q. What would you advise to younger yourself or other women? Or what is the best lesson you have learned so far?

A:  Advice to other women:

Don’t let self doubt, lack of confidence or being an introvert stop you from pursuing opportunities and stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone.  Taking the initial step was extremely difficult, but worth more than I could ever had imagined in regards my personal growth and strength.

Lesson learned:

This outstanding project has been a phenomenal experience for me on a personal level.  I have learned that I am much stronger than I thought I was; that for the first time in my life, I am proud of me and proud of my achievements.  I feel totally empowered.


Q.  Is there anything you can suggest improving my service?

A. There is nothing I can suggest to improve your service.  Everything was first class


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No. 1 Kathleen | Age: 55

50 over 50 before after Makeover

Let me introduce the first lady of my 50Over50 Project, Kathleen.

Here is Kathleen’s story;

“Born and bred in Queensland, I had a wonderful childhood, youngest of 4, we were blessed with the best parents you could ever wish for.  Our home was always a safe and secure haven filled with love and guidance.

Naturally sporty, I was tall and very slim and fit, it seemed a natural leaning toward modelling in my spare time.  I enjoyed the catwalk, loved the clothes (still do) and especially the confidence I had in life.

After my first marriage ended, I decided to travel as often as I could.  At 30 I bought a ticket to Europe for 12 months, packed my backpack and bike with the plan to explore each country on bike.  In Denmark I met and married my second (and last 😊) husband and lived there until we decided to move to Australia.  I became a mother for the first time at 32, went on to have 4 children with my last born when I was 42.  I believe children keep you young in mind and body.

Things that I noticed as the years slipped past, was as a woman who was used to ‘getting the glances’ I felt I had become invisible to others.  I was caught up in the whirlwind of motherhood, a working fulltime, busy with everything and everyone else but me.  After 20 years of marriage my husband and I separated, so at age 51 I was alone, very sad and struggling to regain my identity and confidence to go forward.

I have realised in preparing for the next phase of my life, and even though many would consider me vintage, I still feel young inside.  How you felt when you were 20 or 30 is the same as you feel today.  The only difference is the experiences you have encountered over the years.  Sure the outside has changed, gravity has taken its toll, but in reality that doesn’t matter, its what is on the inside that shines through to the outside is what makes you beautiful.

My life has had its share of challenges but those experiences is what strengthens my resolve, builds resilience to face whatever the future holds for me.

I am very excited to be a part of Sumiko’s project.  It is like a ‘call to arms’, we are all special, we all have our individual stories, our own reasons be taking part.  We are beautiful, we are strong and we are definitely not invisible.”

Thank you, Kathleen. It was a pleasure capturing you and looking forward to learning more about you.

Hair and makeup by Rita’s Makeup Artistry
Photography by Sumico Photography

Q&A after the photo shoot

Q. The reason why you wanted to participate into this project

A. To do something for myself, make me feel special, see how others see me, to remind the world that women can and do have much to celebrate in this time in our lives.

Q. What was your favourite part of the photo session?

A. The professionalism of both Rita the makeup artist and of course Sumi, they both made it a relaxed and very enjoyable day.  And seeing the results!  Very happy!

Q. What would you advise to younger yourself or other women? Or what is the best lesson you have learned so far?

A. Every challenge in life has a solution – sometimes tough sometimes easier. Don’t expend too much energy on stress or anger – it achieves very little and at a great cost to you.

Find something in life that you really enjoy doing,  wealthy or poor, you are valuable, never lose sight of that.

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