50 over 50 Project Exhibition

50 over 50 project Exhibition

The first 50 over 50 project by Sumico Photography exhibition was completed in October 2019. It was my first solo art exhibition in my life and was very memorable event.

I started planning to launch this project early 2018. I spent quite good time nearly a half year to plan to launch this project. I met my wonderful editor Arcadia and told my plan about 50 over 50 project. I told her about my project name and was not sure if I will have 50 applications or not. I wanted to have an exhibition but at that time, I did not plan my budget for my exhibition well.

Based on why I wanted to start this project, what I want to achieve, Arcadia wrote a wonderful landing page for me. She has been supporting me since the project started and I appreciate her support greatly.

I made an information booklet and filmed a video, ready for launch it in July when I turned to 57 and the day I was coming home from the workshop by my mentor, Sue Bryce in New Zealand.

Soon after I launched it, I received many application forms more than 50 quickly.

What I find interesting was; when you determined to do something, everything will come to you. When I thought how I can spread this project as a movement, then my project was featured in women’s motivational magazine, Y Mag. At the end of 2018, I found about two art grants and I applied. I received the funds from Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) a partnership between the Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support arts and culture in regional Queensland, and the Regional Arts Services Network (RASN) an initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland through BMAC. Those funds covered the major costs of the exhibition and I feel so grateful.

Before the exhibition, I was interviewed by Katherine Feeney of ABC Radio Brisbane at her program called “Afternoons”. My exhibition was featured in Logan City Magazine, Albert Logan News, Courier Mail Online News.

At the exhibition opening, over 150 people attended. I hired the room next to the gallery for ceremony. One week exhibition attracted over 250 visitors. All visitors took time to see the photographs and read each woman’s story. Some were in tears and told me what a wonderful exhibition is. It was so successful. I raised $1,365 funds for National Breast Cancer Foundation through the exhibition.

I appreciate all the people who supported me at the Gallery opening, Jo Devin who helped me so greatly to do the MC, helped me with opening day, all the volunteers friends helped me for setting the place up, my husband and son. All the participants, their families and friends. The venue- Able Gallery, guest speakers, RADF coordinator Chelsi.

The first exhibition was one of the most memorable days in my life for sure. Without all the support I received, I could not achieve, so thank you so much to everyone.

I have started the second chapter of 50 over 50 project, if you are interested in participating it, please visit Sumico Photography’s 50 over 50 project page.

50 over 50 project Exhibition featured in BEMAC blog

50 over 50 project Exhibition

Established in 1987 by a group of passionate advocates and artists inspired to bring the creative work of a new generation of multicultural artists into the spotlight, BEMAC has grown to become the state’s leading multicultural arts producer, presenter and artistic development organisation.

Sumico Photography’s 50 over 50 project exhibition is supported by the Regional Arts Services Network (RASN) via BEMAC. An initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and our exhibition was featured in BEMAC website.

No. 7 Ann Age: 64

50 over 50 project | Ann

50 over 50 project

No. 7 Ann
Age: 64

When I received Ann’s application for this project, I asked her when is the best time to contact her. Then she replied back to me and she was in Zanzibar, Africa and she said that she can talk from Zanzibar – no problem. I was amazed by her attitude, ok – just do it now – She lives “Now” and I admire how she is. She is very active and has amazing energy.

She has lots of interesting life stories to tell. I believe that one day she will write books – maybe it is one of her do- lists.

Here is what Ann said;

When, in 2013, at age 59, I left my job as a Corporate Accountant, after 19 years with the same company I decided that I wasn’t retiring as much as reinventing.

I have continued my acting which I started in 2000, having already built up a comprehensive resume over a range of types of productions including a large number of student and short films. One of my passions which led to formal training.

I don’t know where the idea came from, but in 2013 I became a Registered Civil Celebrant, with Marriage Celebrant being the main service of my business. Celebrancy very quickly became, and continues to be, a really passion for me. I love thinking outside the box to make a couple’s ceremony extra special.

In 2012 I gained my Real Estate Registration and worked for about 2 years in a local Real Estate Business on a casual, part time basis doing admin support and some process and systems work.

I am involved in a local business group where the focus is firstly on giving back to the community, underpinned by a strong network of local businesses.

I am a mentor in Salvation Army’s Drive For Life Program taking a Learner driver on the roads to help them achieve the 100 hours to enable them to apply for their driving test.

Family is everything to me. I have a wonderful, long suffering husband, of 43 years, who helps me so much as my roadie for my ceremonies, supporting me in everything I do and researching holidays and saying “what do you think about…”

Travel has played a huge part in our life over the last few years and places visited include: UK, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, a Danube River cruise, Victoria Falls, South Africa, East African Safari, Caribbean cruise, China, South America and numerous cruises. No wonder I have to knock back some weddings and acting roles.
We have an awesome and beautiful, son, daughter and daughter-in-law and a truly the cutest granddaughter born in May 2016. Through our daughter-in-law we have gained an extended family for whom we are blessed.

I was born in Lusaka, Zambia of British parents. My father was an architect and my mother a teacher. In 1963 my elder sister and I went to boarding school on the South Coast of England and visited Zambia then Uganda for school holidays. Our younger brother followed to boarding school a few years later.

After finishing year 12 I spent a year working in London before travelling to University in Mid Wales where I met my husband.

After leaving Uni I studied to become an accountant and we moved a few times for work before moving to Australia in 1993, landing in Brisbane Airport with 2 kids (5 & 9) and no jobs.

We have lived on the Northside of Brisbane for the last 25 years and our children keep on telling us we need to downsize from the home we have been in for the last 24 years.
We might when we get some time!!

Hair and makeup by Rita’s Makeup Artistry
Photography & Video by Sumico Photography


50 over 50 project Exhibition

50 over 50 project Exhibition

50 over 50 project – Exhibition of Portraits of 50 women over the age of 50 by an original creator – Sumiko Eyears, Sumico Photography.
50 over 50 project is a celebration of the diversity, strength, beauty, essence and wisdom of women in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

We are having the gallery opening celebration on 26th of October.

The exhibition starts from 24th of October and concludes on 30th of October from 9am to 12pm.

This project is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). RADF is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support arts and culture in regional Queensland.

No. 6 Caroline Age: 57

50 over 50 project | Caroline

50 over 50 project – portraits of 50 women over the age of 50.

Caroline of Soulbyrds is a very spiritual lady and she provides intuitive therapy, Reiki, teaches meditation. 

When I saw the outfits she brought at her pre photo shoot consultation (style consultation), I thought that we should do outdoor photoshoot as well. We originally decided to go to the park nearby. When I was driving a car after the consultation, I was seeing beautiful pink flowers near the river where we live (Caroline’s house and my house is about 5 min drive). I wanted to go there as I thought that the place would suit her spirituality. When I told Caroline about pink flowers, she told me that the tree of pink flowers is called Bauhinia Tree and she said that was the first flowers which she made her first flower remedy from. I was very thrilled to hear. I thought that we meant to take photos there. The photo shoot day was cloudy day, in the morning, it rained too. However, I was certain by the time of the photo shoot, it will be cleared. Then I was right. We were surrounded by perfect, beautiful and soft light there. I also loved the trees around this Bauhinia tree, there are some kind of willow trees which I felt spritiual and beautiful. It was a perfect place for this wonderful woman – Caroline to be photographed.

Caroline says; I am a woman who honors the aging process. I believe that beauty is not just in appearance but in attitude how we feel, think and express this to the world. 
I would love to be apart of this amazing sharing and caring environment.
My mother taught me to respect and honor myself as a woman.
I also know that being pampered in this way enhances a woman’s inner beauty and brings out positive self esteem.

Hair and Makeup by Rita’s Makeup Artistry
Photography & Video by Sumico Photography

Top 20 Women Over Fifty Blogs

50 over 50 project

I am pleased to advise that my blog 50 over 50 project was selected by Feedspot as one of the top 20 Women Over Fifty Blogs.

Thank you so much to Feedspot to include my 50 over 50 project blog.

I will try to update my blog more frequently and I like to invite guest blog writer to share inspiring stories, tips for styling, tips for beauty, tips for health, tips for travel, and so on.

If you are interested in writing an article, please send me an email to sumi@sumico.net.


50 Over 50 Project – Featured in Y Mag

50 over 50 project in Y Mag


50 over 50 project was featured in Y Mag, Issue 07.

The 50 over 50 project by Sumico Photography was featured in the 7th issue of Y Mag. It was available at News Agencies.

YMag is an inspirational magazine and created for empowering women to become the best version of themselves.

2019 will be an exciting year for me.


No 4. Patricia | Age: 83 and No. 5 Johnene | Age: 63

50over50 before & after makeover

50 over 50 project – Portraits of 50 women over the age of 50

Patricia & Johnene | Mother & Daughter Participants from NSW

Let me introduce No. 4 & No. 5 Mother and daughter participants – Patricia Age: 83 and Johnene Age: 63.
They live in NSW. They flew to Brisbane to participate in this program.
I really appreciate their support and participation. Patricia is the eldest participants so far in this program. She looks so amazing for her age. I feel so honoured to have them in my project.

Patricia says: I am Patricia Barber. .I am an 83 year old mother..grandmother and great grandmother.
After growing up in a country town and going to a Catholic School I married a banker who returned with me to the remote family mixed farm to start our life together and raise a family. I have seen many changes since those early days of isolation without power or telephone and limited water. I have learnt resilience..to tough it out but also to enjoy every moment.
I love and appreciate that I am able to be physically and mentally strong and believe that this along with being true to oneself is the essence of being.
Participating in Sumiko’s 50 over 50s Project is an opportunity for me to show that age is no barrier to being confident and feeling great about yourself. It is a wonderful thing to share this experience with Johnene. .the eldest of my three daughters and one son.

Johnene says: I am Johnene Hobson known as Johnny. I am almost 64 years old but certainly don’t feel anything like it..I have a loving family..my darling Donny..3 wonderful sons Ben Matt and Tom as well as a very special extended family and friends.
I have a real passion for wellness..nutrition and fitness which I love to share with family and friends and anyone else who cares to listen.. I believe that one needs to nurture oneself physically and spiritually to experience good health and true happiness.
Mum and I both like to help others in different ways not in a public way but quietly..I love to knit and crochet squares to make blankets for the homeless “Wraps with Love” and each year I collect and makeup handbags for women in crisis ..supporting “Share the Dignity” Mum loves to purchase and wrap teddies and soft toys to put under “The Wishing Tree” at Christmas…x
I feel privileged and excited to be part of Sumiko’s 50 over 50s Project..especially being involved in it with my beautiful mother Patricia Barber. This is a chance to show that every woman deserves to look and feel her best and that we can celebrate each others achievements and be inclusive and role models for others.Thank you for this opportunity.

Hair and Makeup by Rita’s Makeup Artistry
Photography & Video by Sumico Photography




No 3 Jo | Age: 54

50 over 50 project | Jo

50 over 50 project – Portraits of 50 women over the age of 50.

Let me introduce 3rd woman of my 50over50 project – Jo.
I have known Jo for a while through Business women networking group.
I love her energy. She is very kind, confident, and a beautiful woman inside and out.

Jo says: I’m 54, and married to a wonderful man and I am part of a close knit loving family. After a long and reasonably successful corporate career I found myself in a situation at 40 where I realised I wasn’t going to have children of my own which was a very different outcome to what I had always imagined, and I became hungry to find out what my true purpose on this planet was. I began to learn more and felt driven to help others in a different way and in turn add more meaning to my life so I started learning more about myself and studied counselling coaching NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and this led me to meet my current business partner and together we are Positive Living Skills. Through Positive Living Skills we are supporting teachers, children and the wider community with a goal to drastically and positively impact the growing and alarming statistics of anxiety, depression suicide and violence that are devastating families. Some people would think that it’s too late to start a new business with a big vision like this at 50 (and yes it has been challenging) although my firm belief is that women (and men) 50+ or any age can achieve whatever they set their minds to if they develop self belief and they persist through all the thoughts of giving up or self doubt, and I want to show women of all ages that their opinion matters and they are more capable, more creative, and more valuable then they often give themselves credit for and they can laugh and have fun. We have so much to offer and I am excited to join this group of women who are stepping in to their confidence even more and letting themselves celebrate their value and their uniqueness.

Jo started Positive Living Skills after 50. What she does is remarkable.
Please support her vision.

Hair & Makeup by Rita’s Makeup Artistry
Photography and video by Sumico Photography

If you like to know more about my project, please visit;

Q & A After the Photo Shoot

Q. The reason why you wanted to participate into this project

A. I want to show women (and men) of all ages that their opinion matters and they are more capable, more creative, and more valuable then they often give themselves credit for, and they can laugh and have fun. Each of us has so much to offer and I am excited to join this group of women who are stepping in to their confidence even more and letting themselves celebrate their value and their uniqueness.


Q. What was your favourite part of the photo session?

A. I loved everything about this experience, getting my hair and make up done, dressing in different outfits and especially clothes I wouldn’t normally wear (the black dress Sumi had in her collection) and getting the experience to watch Sumi in her element – so confident, knowing exactly what to do and what to try next to capture the optimum outcomes. I guess the thing I liked the most was that I was lucky enough to do this with a friend so I got to watch her shine as well and we had such a good time – lots of laughs and it was a true celebration.


Q. What would you advise to younger yourself or other women? Or what is the best lesson you have learned so far?

A. I would say to younger women two things.

  1. Don’t wait until you’re 50 to give yourself ‘permission’ to appreciate yourself and really shine and enjoy being the centre of attention. Give yourself the gift of enjoying who you are and being proud
  2. Let go of judgement of others which gives you permission to let go of your judgement or criticism of yourself and this will help you to achieve #1 above 😊

Thank you, Jo.