50 Over 50 Project

Welcome to a blog that is all about YOU!

Hi, my name is Sumiko Eyears and I am a professional portrait photographer of Sumico Photography based in Main Beach on the Gold Coast servicing Gold Coast and Brisbane.

I am the first creator of the 50 over 50 project which is now spreaded all over the world.  Many photographers over the world are following this movement.

Too often our society overlooks older women. It does not recognise their beauty, their wisdom, the sacrifices they have made and the incredible lives they have lived. This is partly, I believe because we, as women over 50 do not see these things in ourselves!
I want to change this!
I started my 50 over 50 Project in July 2018 and completed the first chapter of 50 over 50 project. I had a solo exhibition at the Able Gallery from 24th of October to 30th of October 2019 and it was very successful.

I am running the second chapter of 50 over 50 project. If you like to apply for it, please visit Sumico Photography website and fill in the form.
Note: There is no exhibition for the second chapter of 50 over 50 project, however, I am thinking of meetup event at the end of each chapter.


Here is a testimonial video by Rhonda, a participant of the 50 over 50 project.

It grew to become much more than that.

When I interviewed the women, many thought their lives were very ordinary; that they had not achieved anything special. The more they reflected on their lives however, the more they realised they had actually achieved many things.

During this process, their whole demeanour changed. Their spirits lifted. They felt proud of themselves for all they had been through to get to this place in their life.

Later, when looking through the many photos of themselves in different outfits, at different angles and expressing different moods, once again I could see them starting to change. Finally they were able to see themselves as the world sees them. It was incredibly moving for some as they started loving who they truly are – perhaps for the first time in many years – or for the first time ever!

Then, once the women’s gorgeous videos and photos began to appear on social media, it brought another wave of joy and celebration. Friends and family left positive, loving comments, not only about each woman’s appearance, but about what an amazing person they are and how much they mean to them.


It has been a transformational experience for all of us

As I saw each women transform, something inside me changed also. I am in my mid 50’s and I found I could relate to every woman. There was a little piece of me in each of their stories – the fears, the doubts, the challenges the joys and the successes.

I realised that my gift to these women went way beyond simply taking beautiful photographs. It went beyond the experience of makeup and hairstyling and wardrobe (even though that is all very special.)

It is the gift of showing women who they really are. It is about celebrating our talents, creativity, resourcefulness, strength, compassionate and more! It has been a blessing for me to have met (and to continue to meet) such inspiring women every day. Now I want to honour, share and celebrate the journey of all mature aged women… including you.


Come help me gather and share these stories. YOUR stories!

We all know women who do remarkable things in the world. But what about the woman next door, your friend, your sister, mother, aunty. I want to tell their stories. Some may have done incredible things in the world, but I know for sure all of them have done incredible things in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.

Bring me your stories of difficult times you have overcome (or are still going through,) adventures you have had and lessons you have learned. Let’s talk about the fun times and the sad times, the rebellious moments and the achievements, the memories and your dreams for the future.

Together, let’s…

  • Create a supportive community for women over 50
  • Remind ourselves that beauty doesn’t diminish with age
  • Shine the light on our character, wisdom and spirit
  • Collect and share stories about what it means to be an older woman in today’s world
  • Stand tall and appreciate every scar, every line and every grey hair (or purple one!)
  • Inspire, encourage and support one another
  • We’ll create a movement that celebrates the beauty, wisdom and worth of women over 50.

This blog is for ALL women, not just those who have been photographed by me.

Here’s how you can get involved

  • Email me your story. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paragraph, a page or a whole book!
  • Send me stories of other inspiring women in the world.
  • Apply here to participate in my 50over50 photography project.
  • Visit my website to see the images and read the stories of women just like you.
  • Join my 50 over 50 group on Facebook and follow me on Instagram.
  • Tell your friends and family and help spread the word!

If you have ideas on how I can create a global movement that includes the stories of women over 50 from all corners of the world, please contact me. I would love to chat.



50 over 50 project Chapter 2

My journey continues celebrating women over the age of 50. If you like to apply for the second chapter of the 50 over 50 portrait project, please visit my website. 50 over 50 project by Sumico Photography