50 over 50 Project Exhibition

50 over 50 project Exhibition

The first 50 over 50 project by Sumico Photography exhibition was completed in October 2019. It was my first solo art exhibition in my life and was very memorable event.

I started planning to launch this project early 2018. I spent quite good time nearly a half year to plan to launch this project. I met my wonderful editor Arcadia and told my plan about 50 over 50 project. I told her about my project name and was not sure if I will have 50 applications or not. I wanted to have an exhibition but at that time, I did not plan my budget for my exhibition well.

Based on why I wanted to start this project, what I want to achieve, Arcadia wrote a wonderful landing page for me. She has been supporting me since the project started and I appreciate her support greatly.

I made an information booklet and filmed a video, ready for launch it in July when I turned to 57 and the day I was coming home from the workshop by my mentor, Sue Bryce in New Zealand.

Soon after I launched it, I received many application forms more than 50 quickly.

What I find interesting was; when you determined to do something, everything will come to you. When I thought how I can spread this project as a movement, then my project was featured in women’s motivational magazine, Y Mag. At the end of 2018, I found about two art grants and I applied. I received the funds from Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) a partnership between the Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support arts and culture in regional Queensland, and the Regional Arts Services Network (RASN) an initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland through BMAC. Those funds covered the major costs of the exhibition and I feel so grateful.

Before the exhibition, I was interviewed by Katherine Feeney of ABC Radio Brisbane at her program called “Afternoons”. My exhibition was featured in Logan City Magazine, Albert Logan News, Courier Mail Online News.

At the exhibition opening, over 150 people attended. I hired the room next to the gallery for ceremony. One week exhibition attracted over 250 visitors. All visitors took time to see the photographs and read each woman’s story. Some were in tears and told me what a wonderful exhibition is. It was so successful. I raised $1,365 funds for National Breast Cancer Foundation through the exhibition.

I appreciate all the people who supported me at the Gallery opening, Jo Devin who helped me so greatly to do the MC, helped me with opening day, all the volunteers friends helped me for setting the place up, my husband and son. All the participants, their families and friends. The venue- Able Gallery, guest speakers, RADF coordinator Chelsi.

The first exhibition was one of the most memorable days in my life for sure. Without all the support I received, I could not achieve, so thank you so much to everyone.

I have started the second chapter of 50 over 50 project, if you are interested in participating it, please visit Sumico Photography’s 50 over 50 project page.