No 4. Patricia | Age: 83 and No. 5 Johnene | Age: 63

50over50 before & after makeover

50 over 50 project – Portraits of 50 women over the age of 50

Patricia & Johnene | Mother & Daughter Participants from NSW

Let me introduce No. 4 & No. 5 Mother and daughter participants – Patricia Age: 83 and Johnene Age: 63.
They live in NSW. They flew to Brisbane to participate in this program.
I really appreciate their support and participation. Patricia is the eldest participants so far in this program. She looks so amazing for her age. I feel so honoured to have them in my project.

Patricia says: I am Patricia Barber. .I am an 83 year old mother..grandmother and great grandmother.
After growing up in a country town and going to a Catholic School I married a banker who returned with me to the remote family mixed farm to start our life together and raise a family. I have seen many changes since those early days of isolation without power or telephone and limited water. I have learnt tough it out but also to enjoy every moment.
I love and appreciate that I am able to be physically and mentally strong and believe that this along with being true to oneself is the essence of being.
Participating in Sumiko’s 50 over 50s Project is an opportunity for me to show that age is no barrier to being confident and feeling great about yourself. It is a wonderful thing to share this experience with Johnene. .the eldest of my three daughters and one son.

Johnene says: I am Johnene Hobson known as Johnny. I am almost 64 years old but certainly don’t feel anything like it..I have a loving darling Donny..3 wonderful sons Ben Matt and Tom as well as a very special extended family and friends.
I have a real passion for wellness..nutrition and fitness which I love to share with family and friends and anyone else who cares to listen.. I believe that one needs to nurture oneself physically and spiritually to experience good health and true happiness.
Mum and I both like to help others in different ways not in a public way but quietly..I love to knit and crochet squares to make blankets for the homeless “Wraps with Love” and each year I collect and makeup handbags for women in crisis ..supporting “Share the Dignity” Mum loves to purchase and wrap teddies and soft toys to put under “The Wishing Tree” at Christmas…x
I feel privileged and excited to be part of Sumiko’s 50 over 50s Project..especially being involved in it with my beautiful mother Patricia Barber. This is a chance to show that every woman deserves to look and feel her best and that we can celebrate each others achievements and be inclusive and role models for others.Thank you for this opportunity.

Hair and Makeup by Rita’s Makeup Artistry
Photography & Video by Sumico Photography